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Integration with Zapier

Our integration with Zapier allows you to use our application together with all the other ones you use. Whether it’s email or a to-do application, trough Zapier we support it all!

List locations

An overview of all locations where inventory is stored. Fully searchable and sortable. You can add metadata to the locations such as size or images. From an inventory overview it’s also easy to move or sell a product directly.


Simple and useful reports generated automatically based on your data. You can set up notifications and warning for low inventory and get notified based on rules.

REST API for developers offers a full REST API for almost all functionality required for running an inventory. You can find our documentation on it’s own page. Our entire code is also open-source. Feel free to contribute or create an issue or feature request on Github.

Simple inventory

Add & remove products and keep track of inventory with simple to use interface. Add metadata to create reports for example the running inventory value or a total overview of the current monetary value of your products.


Daily emails with inventory changes, users signups and other updates. All configurable and in case of email-overload, you can manage every notification you want.

User management

Easily manage users within your organization. We allow easy invitations straight to email. Easily onboard new users with a tour and a full guide to introduces our functionality and features.


Full customizable to fit the style of your organization. Choose your own colors and we’re currently exploring the use of custom (sub)domain names for your organization.