Flexibility versus optionality

Most of the inventory management software that’s available today is stocked to the brim with features you might not need. The trouble is you end up paying for it.. This is what I call flexibility versus optionality, sometimes there are choices in development of where we need to choose between the two. Sometimes it’s pretty logical, for example using a SKU (stock keeping unit) is a must-have. Other options like triggers based on other inventory levels are making things quite complicated (while they shouldn’t! continue reading »

Ideas for inventory management

When dealing with inventory management, you want to reduce the amount of work it requires ideally to zero. Automating your inventory could be a big part of it and at we aim to do that without as much effort or a big amount of money. We’ve got quite a few ideas about how to automate: Connecting with e-commerce stores API interface with financial software (a sale most of the time also represents movement in inventory) Shortcuts for selling etc with a friendly interface (often move a same amount to a certain location? continue reading »

Solving for less friction

One of the main goals of is to solve the inventory management task with way less friction. Imagine having both a digital storefront and a physical one? Selling the same product at different markups with different pipelines and salesfunnels.. How do you keep track of inventory? Traditionally you would maybe use your ecommerce software to keep track, and manually remove inventory when selling something in the brick and mortar store, but the interface is kind of clunky and after a full day at work you don’t look forward to entering everything. continue reading »

The (sad) state of inventory management

Lets talk about the current state of inventory management. It’s a bit sad, and if you make a mental figure, you can see someone labeling in a boring dusty office. Inventory management isn’t pretty and it’s hard to improve it. But thats our goal! We want to fix the old world of inventory software and look towards to future. Imagine a future where keeping track of inventory is done automatically! Wouldn’t that be awesome? continue reading »