Flexibility versus optionality

Most of the inventory management software that’s available today is stocked to the brim with features you might not need. The trouble is you end up paying for it..

This is what I call flexibility versus optionality, sometimes there are choices in development of organization.supply where we need to choose between the two. Sometimes it’s pretty logical, for example using a SKU (stock keeping unit) is a must-have. Other options like triggers based on other inventory levels are making things quite complicated (while they shouldn’t!).

Organization.supply chooses for flexibility instead of optionality for development. For example starting out with an API allows users to build upon the platform instead of developing all the functionality ourselves.

Integration with Zapier allows you as a user to hook Organization.supply into all kinds of different services. Want a custom report? Connect it with Google Docs. Want a notification when something is moved? Connect it with Pushbullet or any notification service!

Convinced you need a better way to organize your inventory? Feel free to signup and experience a new way of keeping up! Or have a look at all the features we offer.