Solving for less friction

One of the main goals of is to solve the inventory management task with way less friction. Imagine having both a digital storefront and a physical one? Selling the same product at different markups with different pipelines and salesfunnels.. How do you keep track of inventory?

Traditionally you would maybe use your ecommerce software to keep track, and manually remove inventory when selling something in the brick and mortar store, but the interface is kind of clunky and after a full day at work you don’t look forward to entering everything.

Or you would pay a quite an amount of money to connect you ecommerce software with traditional software that let’s you keep your inventory up to date, but at cost it’s not a decision everyone might be able to make. So how do we fit?

We want to offer inventory management at a low cost, with easy integrations for ecommerce (think woocommerce, shopify etc..) or easily hook in up with your accounting system, since that one piece you already have and it contains the single source of truth. aims to automate the inventory system based on rule-based systems training AI that let’s you keep track of inventory automatically.

If you still want to tinker there should be an easy app and a logical user friendly interface on the web. Doing your inventory should be simple and reduce friction while running your business, not add to it!

Convinced you need a better way to organize your inventory? Feel free to signup and experience a new way of keeping up! Or have a look at all the features we offer.