Organization.supply is focussing on three base rules:

  • A simple and good interface without too many of the bells and whistles our competitors offer
  • Inventory keeping is boring, we want it to be as frictionless as possible.
  • Your data should be free to go whenever and wherever you want it to go, we offer exports & full API access.

Origin story

Organization.supply started out as a problem to a solution for our brewery. We had a commerce shop set up for our beer and we’re selling on events as well. We also shipped and delivered trough distribution partners as well. This resulted in many places at which we wanted to keep track of what the current stock of inventory was.

One of the goals of our brewery is to have as less friction as possible thus the search for a good and easy to use inventory management system started… And having tried out a couple of tools we concluded the best way of solving our problem was building it ourselves. And that’s how Organization.supply got started!